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White Label Call Center Service

Brand Amplification: Uplift Your Brand Image

White labelling allows you to offer Flamingo Digital's renowned services under your own brand, thus enriching your portfolio and bolstering your brand image. By providing services that epitomise quality and professionalism, your brand earns enhanced credibility and stature in the market.

Cost and Time Efficiency: Leap Over Development Hurdles

Developing your own suite of services demands significant time, resources, and expertise. White labelling Flamingo Digital's services helps you circumvent these hurdles. You can readily offer our tried and tested services, such as Virtual Receptionist, without worrying about the intricacies of development, testing, and implementation.

Revenue Growth: Cultivate New Income Avenues

White labelling opens the door to fresh income streams. By offering our high-demand services as your own, you can cater to a wider customer base and generate substantial revenue. Furthermore, you have full control over the pricing, enabling you to determine your profit margins.

Services available

White Label Telephone Answering Service

Offer your clients our UK-based telephone answering service, it's the perfect bolt-on opportunity to complement your existing business. We give you the freedom to re-sell our tariffs at a markup that's right for you and your customer base.

Your clients will experience our exceptional standards of call handling, enjoy seven days per week phone coverage and gain access to our online client portal. 


What our customers say

White label call handling solutions

Flexible contracts

Quickly provide call answering services to your customers without the commitment of long term contracts, we operate rolling month to month contracts giving you the freedom to scale up or down as required.


Industry Skills

Give your clients the opportunity to experience our award-winning customer service with our white label solution. Fuse this with our ability to create bespoke scripts and you have a powerful solution ready to deploy with minimum lead time.

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Featured case study

A prestigious London based business centre contacted us outlining how they would like to offer customers virtual receptionist services. A fully branded solution was required as they didn't have any technical infrastructure in place to provide services directly.


Within five working days, we had set live a complete white label call answering service. Providing our clients with the ability to re-sell our full range of tariffs and offer their clients a full suite of services to complement their office rental.

Why your business should offer answering services

  • Earn recurring additional revenue

  • Provide complimentary bolt-on service to your customers

  • Rapidly deploy a complete solution

  • Provide seven days per week coverage

  • Give your customers access to our cloud-based client portal

  • Experience exceptional levels of customer service

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Customer Satisfaction: Guarantee Top-Tier Service

Our services are designed with one primary focus: ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. As a white label partner, you can promise your clients an excellent customer service experience, fostering higher client retention and loyalty.

Market Expansion: Explore Uncharted Territories

White labelling our services provides the opportunity to tap into new markets. With our comprehensive range of offerings, from call handling to customer service solutions, you can attract a diverse clientele, ranging from SMEs to large corporates, thereby expanding your market footprint.

White labelling Flamingo Digital's services isn't just a business strategy; it's a transformative journey that amplifies your brand, expands your market reach, and accelerates revenue growth. By reselling our top-tier services under your brand name, you combine the power of your business identity with our proven solutions, creating a synergy that benefits not just your business, but also your clients. So step into the world of white labelling with Flamingo Digital and let your business soar to new heights.

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