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Enhance Your Customer Services with the Best White Label Call Center

If you don't have the resources to provide call support to your customers, we're here to help! As a leading white label call center, we make sure your clients can reach out for any query any day of the week so your retention is high and business keeps growing.

  • Reliable and Experienced Team

  • Same-Day Quick and Easy Set Up

  • Transparent Call Reporting

  • Full Support Available Any Day of a Week

Ella, Flamingo Digital virtual receptionist

Earn Residual Income by Reselling Our Services

Offer your clients our answering service products under your own brand name.


White label answering service is the perfect bolt-on opportunity to complement your existing business, especially if you operate virtual offices, PO Box addresses or telecom services. We give you the freedom to resell our tariffs at a markup that's right for you and your customer base.

Your clients will experience our exceptional standards of call handling from our Nottingham-based team; we operate seven days per week and can provide a monthly report breaking down your calls across your portfolio of white label clients, making billing easier to manage.

white label call center

A Solution Your Customers Will Love

Award Winning Customer Service  🥇

We're the first to admit that call centres don't always have the best reputation. That's why Flamingo Digital puts service at the very core of our business. From rigorous staff training programs to daily active call monitoring, we make sure that your customers are treated like they are our own. If you don't want to take our word for it, you can take a look at our trust pilot reviews here.

Dedicated Support Team 👍

We don't believe in passing people from pillar to post. We have an in-house support team ready to deal with call quality queries, build new scripts, provide advice about integration, and more. It's all just a call or email away.

Choice of Area Codes ☎️

If your customer has a public-facing number they already use, they can simply divert this to us. If, on the other hand, they need a line with an area code geographically appropriate for the business location, we can set this up free of charge.

What our customers say

Rapid Deployment, Ongoing Income

We can have you up and running as a white label partner within seven working days; this gives you the opportunity to focus on what matters most, growing your customer base.

Developing your own suite of services demands significant time, resources, and expertise. White labelling Flamingo Digital's services helps you avoid these hurdles. You can readily offer our tried and tested services, such as Virtual Receptionist, without worrying about the intricacies of development, testing, and implementation.

white label call center
white label answering service

Featured Case Study

A prestigious London-based business centre contacted us, outlining how they would like to offer customers virtual receptionist services. A fully branded solution was required as they didn't have any technical infrastructure in place to provide services directly.


Within five working days, we had set up a complete white label call answering service. Providing our clients with the ability to resell our full range of tariffs and offer their clients a full suite of services to complement their office rental.

Why Your Business Should Partner Up with Our White Label Call Center

  • Earn recurring additional revenue

  • Provide complimentary bolt-on service to your customers

  • Rapidly deploy a complete solution

  • Provide seven days per week coverage

  • Give your customers access to our cloud-based client portal

  • Experience exceptional levels of customer service

white label call centre

Additional Services You Can Resell

As well as the ability to white label our core answering service packages, you can also charge for additional services. For example, call transfers, text message delivery or diary management.

We also offer a variety of telecom services that we could potentially white label depending on volume levels. If you'd like to discuss our proposition in more detail, why not request a call from one of our account managers?

white label customer service
  • About Flamingo Digital
    Flamingo Digital was created to seamlessly integrate with your business and its needs, acting as a cost-effective extension of your in-house team. Right from the start, we provide you with a dedicated business manager who will personally assist you, taking the time to understand your business and its needs in order to deliver an efficient and streamlined service. Once a solution has been tailored to you, your account can be set up and ready for you to route calls in as little as 60 minutes. Operating from our head office in the heart of the Midlands just outside of Nottingham city centre, we are ideally located to provide business support services across the UK. Our management team provide over five decades of combined sector expertise, combining this with the substantial investments made into our technology and our people we are confident Flamingo Digital are best placed to treat your business calls with the respect they deserve.
  • Quality control
    With calls, quality matters. That’s why our agents only go live handling your calls once they have completed our in-house training academy, designed to ensure all our staff have a full understanding of our systems, processes and client expectations. Once call handling begins, we perform in-house QA on all our virtual receptionists, track daily and monthly performance figures and continually run reward-based incentive schemes to make sure our expected levels of service are maintained. Flamingo Digital aims to make the outsourcing of your phone service efficient and easy. Confusing tariffs, a lack of transparency, and unprofessional agents are commonplace throughout most outsourcing services. However, Our virtual receptionist service provides your business with professionally answered calls in your business name, 7 days a week, 7:00am - 7:00pm. All of our call handlers are based in our Nottingham office and have completed our in-house training program to ensure excellent standards are upheld. Whenever you need us to take your calls for you, simply reroute your calls to the 'divert number' we will provide you with. We will then forward you a message via email or text, relaying the caller's contact details and reason your calling, all for just £0.50 per call. Take a free trial today and see how we can benefit your business.
  • Cut costs improve service
    Quality control is one of the most critical parts of our business. We provide business owners and entrepreneurs with consumer-facing services, so we must get it right. Our management team have put in place multiple levels of safeguards including adaptive staff training, live and recorded call monitoring, weekly and monthly KPI targets and ever-evolving technological support, Flamingo Digital was built with customer service at its core. As part of our commitment to SME'S across the UK, we provide a dedicated account manager, free divert number set up, free call forwarding and some of the best value tariffs in the industry, let us empower your business today.
  • Simply divert your line when you need us
    Once your up and running we assign you a unique dedicated phone number, you simply divert your calls to that number whenever you need our help, the number can be local to your business or a national marketing number such as 0800 or 0333. You have a range of options you can choose from, for example, you can divert calls all the time, when busy, when engaged or just out of hours. You can even apply the same rules to incoming calls on your mobile phone. As soon as the divert is activated our agents will begin responding to your customers as if we worked directly for you and were located in the same building, it's the ultimate on-demand support solution.
  • Take better care of your clients
    Showing your clients that you care is crucial, at the end of the day we all want to feel appreciated and important, especially when we’re paying for a service or product. In today's fast-paced environment businesses must respond quickly to customer enquiries and complaints to make sure they don’t lose them to a competing business. Considering that the latest data indicates that it's 5x cheaper to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one this mindset is more critical than ever. Imagine for a moment if you were calling a new business for the first time only to be greeted with a voicemail, it doesn't set the most professional impression. Did you know that 80% of customers who get sent to voicemail never leave a message? How many customers have you missed out on, simply because you couldn’t get to the phone?
  • Increase your customer acquisition
    Never unnecessarily lose a client again. Let Flamingo Digital help you break through common barriers to client conversion with our virtual answering service. Through Flamingo Digitals live assistance, increased customer acquisition is well within your reach, and it’s easier than ever. We’ll save you time by connecting you with potential customers and screening out annoying cold calls, so you can focus on running your business. ​ Our answer service provides live, UK-based virtual receptionists, so your customers never have to deal with a confusing A.I. automated system again. While A.I. technology is impressive, it can be difficult to navigate and bothersome for potential clients. We’ve all been there before, not being able to reach a friendly voice on the other end of the line when you’re in need of support is beyond frustrating. When it comes to customer satisfaction, it is clear that nothing can replace human and personal connection.
  • We know how important your calls are
    When you're running a business or working from home, your calls can be mission-critical to your company's success. When you improve your business's efficiency you can spend your time focusing on the important things - like providing exceptional service to your customers.We offer a range of telephone answering services that not only save you time and money but ensure that your customers are getting the answering service they deserve. You've worked hard building up your business, let us care for your customers as much as you do. Because this ethos is the foundation of Flamingo Digital Ltd, we give every client access to an online portal, this portal enables you to track your calls, view messages for yourself, your business and company-wide. You can even set availability for yourself and your teammates at the click of a mouse. Need call transfers to be put on hold and ask us to take a message instead? just log in and mark the correct staff member as "unavailable" or "on holiday" the change is instant and updates the Flamingo Digital CRM automatically for any of our agents that take calls on your account.
  • Always a voice never a voicemail
    On average more than 75% of people who hear a voicemail don't leave a message, for your business this could be a lost lead, an existing customer with an urgent query, a staff member trying to notify you they will be late. The simple act of one missed call can result in a cascade of avoidable problems for your business. Our incredible value phone answer service packages can provide twelve hours of coverage seven days per week for just £0.39p. A few pence per day pales into insignificance compared to the cost of an in-house staff member, with ever-increasing minimum wages costs and overheads increasing the difference becomes more and more apparent. We understand that trusting a third-party organisation with one of your most valuable assets (your customers) can feel like a daunting prospect. But rest assured Flamingo Digital was born with customer service at the heart of what we do, it's also another reason why we don't tie customers into long term contracts. It's in our best interest to consistently maintain the service levels you will soon come to expect and work with you to design a bespoke answering service that's right for you, your business and your customers.
  • Fast setup, minimal cost
    Business moves fast, that's why we have a team of dedicated account managers ready to respond when you need them. We can provide same-day set-up and have scalable solutions that can be deployed as your business grows. We can have a new number live in as little as 5 minutes, so why not put us to the test by utilising our free trial offer? Make full use of our virtual number service for seven days with no obligation, just let us know the area code you'd like (or a national number if required) and we can start your activation process immediately. Flamingo Digital offer a wide range of service designed to power your business, if you need any of or other solutions such as call answering or business broadand then make sure you use the widget to request a call from our onboarding team, they will likely be able to offer you a "bundle deal" making sure you get the very best possible price for the service that you require.
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