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A Virtual landline for your business

Separate the personal from the professional and get a dedicated business line  you can divert to your mobile from just £2.99 per month.

What our customers say

A great value solution

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A number that's right for you

Choose your number and area code


Choose a landline number that best reflects your business, we offer every UK area code and national numbers such as 0800 and 0333.




For just £7.49 per month, you can have your own dedicated business line with an area code of your choosing. Or if you prefer you can have a none geographical national number.


Extra support if you need it

If you start to struggle to answer your business calls, our answering service may be the solution. From just £0.39 per day, we can provide 12 hours of coverage seven days per week answering your calls when you can't. Find out more.

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simple hassle free service

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Same day activation and no on-going commitment 

Now you no longer have to worry about separating the personal from the professional. Our virtual number service gives you a dedicated separate line without having to carry around two phones.

Let your business calls flow


Your virtual landline number can connect straight to your mobile phone. You will know from the caller i.d that it's a business call, allowing you to answer professionally or avoid the call if it's not appropriate to take it.

Three reasons why you need a virtual number

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Designed to meet your needs

1. Separate the business from the personal


Tidy up your workflow with a completely separate line for your work calls, when the phone rings you'll have clear separation between work and personal.


2. Landline numbers look more professional


Did you know that over 75% of customers would prefer to call a landline vs a mobile? Our virtual number service gives you a dedicated business landline, but lets you enjoy the convenience of mobile.


3. Avoid large overheads

A cost-effective solution that gives you a professional front of house image for just £7.49 per month.

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How a virtual landline can help you and your business.

Our virtual number service is designed to help your business adapt to changing work patterns and give you the freedom to work away from the office. Upon registration, you can choose a landline number with an area code of your choosing, or a national / non-geographical number if you prefer. We charge no setup fees and can have your account live the same day. Once you have selected the perfect number for your business you can either divert it to a landline, mobile or to our UK-based call handling service. You can use our virtual numbers for data tracking when running various ad campaigns, so for example if running online, press and tv ad campaigns you can set up a virtual number for each one enabling you to compare response rates and conversion. If you'd like to take business calls on your mobile but don't want to give out your number, just point your virtual landline to your mobile and it's like having a landline with you at all times. If you get more calls than expected or are taking some time off on holiday you can easily divert your calls back to us without changing your number or your callers noticing any change, our team of professional receptionists will answer the phone in your business name, take a message and number then email the details over to you.

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