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Flock, The Simple Virtual Landline Number Solution


What is a virtual landline? Get set up in seconds, give you and your team a business number you can use globally, scale up or down whenever you need to.

 🏎️ Set up in seconds

🌍 Take your number everywhere

👆Easily scale up when needed

What our customers say

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Sound familiar?

Spent hours browsing the web looking for the right service? 👀

We know how tough it can be to find a virtual number solution for your business, that's why we built flock from the ground up to be easy to set up and even easier to use, your search can stop now.


Spending a fortune on an existing solution? 💸


It's easy for costs to spiral when hidden fees and extra services creep up on you, that's why we charge a flat rate per user, leaving you free to scale up or down instantly.


Not a telecoms expert? 🧑‍🎓

Business phone services can get a little confusing, so we designed Flock to provide a complete solution for everyone, from solotrepreneurs and start-ups to global corporates that require entire cloud call centre solutions. 

Everything you need in a virtual phone line 👍


Built for business owners not I.T geeks, Flock lets you choose a number that's just right for you.


Take landline calls on your mobile, add team members when you need them, customise hold music, ringtones and a whole heap of other options. It's like having an entire call centre in your pocket.

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Same day activation and no ongoing commitment 

One phone two numbers 📲

Now you no longer have to worry about separating the personal from the professional. Our virtual number service gives you a dedicated separate line without having to carry around two phones.

Let your business calls flow 🌊


Your virtual landline number can connect straight to your mobile phone. You will know from the caller i.d that it's a business call, allowing you to answer professionally or avoid the call if it's not appropriate to take it.

No nasty surprises 👻


We don't charge any hidden fees, per minute rates or connection charges, giving you peace of mind that your monthly costs are fixed.

One app, a world of connection 🌍


Take your UK landline number with you


Work where you want when you want, as long as you have a mobile data signal or Wifi you can use your number anywhere.


Landline numbers look more professional


Did you know that over 75% of customers would prefer to call a landline vs a mobile? Our virtual number service gives you a dedicated business landline, but lets you enjoy the convenience of mobile.


Avoid large overheads

A cost-effective solution that gives you a professional front of house image for just £9.99 per month.

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Everything you need to power your business

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Perfect for start-ups and growing businesses 

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From hybrid to head office we keep you connected ☎️

Stay connected and take your landline with you, on mobile, desktop or a physical phone.


Work seamlessly with your entire team, anywhere anytime, customise settings and change who receives which calls with just a click.

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"As a business owner Flock lets me stay connected with my whole team and seamlessly manage all our incoming calls from one app"

Chloe Trahearn
Founder pink HR

Five star service as standard 🏆

Get the VIP treatment you and your business deserve, our UK-based team of customer service super heroes are ready and waiting for your call 🦸‍♂️

Just in case you don't take our word for it take a look at our Trust pilot reviews

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It's about balance 🧘‍♀️

Tidy up your workflow with a completely separate line for your work calls, when the phone rings you'll have clear separation between work and personal. 

Set your working hours and what you'd like to happen to your calls outside of those hours with just a few taps 

What about


Our virtual number service works seamlessly with WatsApp business. Letting you and your team mange two accounts on one device.

Work here, there, everywhere

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On mobile

Image by Christin Hume

Desktop or laptop

Image by Miryam León

VOIP handset

It's time to say hello

Need a little extra help before you get started? our team are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to get started? 👇

Need more help? 👇

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What our customers say

How a virtual landline can help you and your business

Our virtual number service is designed to help your business adapt to changing work patterns and give you the freedom to work away from the office. Upon registration, you can choose a landline number with an area code of your choosing, or a national / non-geographical number if you prefer. We charge no setup fees and can have your account live the same day. Once you have selected the perfect number for your business you can either divert it to a landline, mobile or to our UK-based call handling service. You can use our virtual numbers for data tracking when running various ad campaigns, so for example if running online, press and tv ad campaigns you can set up a virtual number for each one enabling you to compare response rates and conversion. If you'd like to take business calls on your mobile but don't want to give out your number, just point your virtual landline to your mobile and it's like having a landline with you at all times. If you get more calls than expected or are taking some time off on holiday you can easily divert your calls back to us without changing your number or your callers noticing any change, our team of professional receptionists will answer the phone in your business name, take a message and number then email the details over to you.

Why choose a virtual landline?

As a cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution, our virtual landline service gives you complete freedom compared to traditional legacy phone systems. Historically a landline number has been attached to a physical location or building with a geographically locked area code. Our virtual numbers service is cloud-based cutting ties with restrictive and outdated legacy phone systems, we give you the freedom to select your area code no matter your location and the ability to point your new number to a device of your choosing. Our service protects you from the risk of losing a well-recognised number if your business moves location and helps minimise the risk of technical disruption by removing the majority of the physical phone hardware. Take for example one of our clients operating an independent property business with no fixed office address, our service enables them to have a London landline number diverted to a mobile phone, keeping business and personal calls separate and in effect giving them two separate lines on one device. You also have your office number with you wherever you go, even when traveling abroad.

Image by Ivana Cajina

Increase the reputation of your business

The ability to have a national or local number with you at all times helps to create better front-of-house representation for your business, giving customers more confidence that they are dealing with a reputable organisation. You can also easily and cost-effectively create a national number, such as 0800 or 0333 enabling you to compete with national brands without the burden of huge additional overheads. One of our most popular number codes is 020 creating the impression of a dedicated London landline. Our solution also gives you the added flexibility to easily switch the line your virtual number points to. For example, if your landline number usually diverts to your mobile but you're going away on a family holiday, you can instead divert the calls to another member of your team at no additional cost! 

A cost-effective solution

Traditionally telecom services have been a business expense that can rapidly grow as your business does, often requiring a landline for each member of staff, business mobile tariffs, broadband and consumer-facing numbers. With the advent of VOIP technology, we are able to combine many of these products and route them over the internet removing a huge cost burden for small businesses. At Flamingo Digital we are proud to help power businesses across the UK with solutions designed to help them lower month-to-month costs freeing up vital capital that can instead be allocated towards business growth. Aside from our virtual numbers services, we have a wide range of products and services including fibre broadband and telephone answering services. We have a dedicated onboarding team who are always happy to discuss the most cost-effective solutions for your needs and can design tariffs that can scale up and down with your business and any potential seasonal demand.

Build trust with your customers by choosing a landline number

Research shows that a customer is more likely to call a business with a landline number vs a mobile. It's perceived that this is a more secure choice, particularly when it comes to a high-value purchase. For example imagine you were looking for a quote for a home extension, after a quick search on google you find a local building company that seems to meet your needs. However, upon further investigation, you notice they have no formal address on the website, and the only contact number is a mobile. Would this fill you with confidence that you're about to deal with a reputable company? or leave you with concerns? Most potential customers would fall into the latter. Our service allows you to present your business in the best possible light without the traditional costs of doing so or having to sign long-term contracts.

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Fast setup, minimal cost

Business moves fast, that's why we have a team of dedicated account managers ready to respond when you need them. We can provide same-day set-up and have scalable solutions that can be deployed as your business grows. We can have a new number live in as little as 5 minutes, so why not put us to the test by utilising our free trial offer? Make full use of our virtual number service for seven days with no obligation, just let us know the area code you'd like (or a national number if required) and we can start your activation process immediately. Flamingo Digital offer a wide range of service designed to power your business, if you need any of or other solutions such as call answering or business broadand then make sure you use the widget to request a call from our onboarding team, they will likely be able to offer you a "bundle deal" making sure you get the very best possible price for the service that you require.

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