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Unleash the Power of 0161: Manchester's Business Dialling Code

In today's competitive business landscape, establishing a strong local presence is crucial for success. For companies operating in Manchester, the 0161 area code serves as a powerful tool to enhance credibility and connect with customers. This guide will walk you through the benefits and best practices of using the 0161 Manchester phone number for your business.

Understanding the 0161 Area Code

The 0161 dialling code is synonymous with Manchester and its surrounding areas. It covers a significant portion of Greater Manchester, including the city centre, Salford, and parts of Trafford.


By using an 0161 number, businesses can immediately associate themselves with this vibrant economic hub.

Photo of Manchester city centre

Setting Up Your 0161 Business Number

Obtaining an 0161 Manchester phone number for your business is straightforward with modern telecommunication services.

Here's how you can get started:


  1. Choose a virtual landline service provider.

  2. Select an 0161 number from the available options

  3. Set up call forwarding to your existing phone or device

  4. Configure additional features like voicemail or call routing

With services starting from just £9.99 per month, you can quickly establish your Manchester business presence without the need for physical infrastructure.


Photo of a clock tower in Manchester

Maximising the Benefits of Your 0161 Number

Once you have your 0161 Manchester phone number, it's time to leverage its full potential:

  1. Local credibility 71% of consumers prefer businesses with a local presence

  2. Customer trust 85% of consumers trust businesses with local numbers more

  3. Flexible communication 75% of businesses use virtual numbers for customer communication

  4. Cost-effective solution 62% of businesses report reduced communication costs

Enhancing Customer Service

An 0161 number is more than just a local identifier; it's a gateway to superior customer service. Consider pairing your Manchester phone number with advanced communication services:

Telephone Answering Service: Ensure 24/7 coverage for your Manchester business line.

Call Handling Services: Manage high call volumes efficiently with professional support

Virtual Receptionist: Create a polished image with a dedicated receptionist for your 0161 number.

A Manchester street scene

Integrating 0161 Numbers with Modern Business Systems

To fully harness the power of your Manchester phone number, integrate it with cutting-edge business communication systems:

Key Points

  • 71% of businesses use mobile devices for work, enabling on-the-go management of 0161 numbers

  • 75% of businesses use VoIP systems for cost-effective calling with 0161 numbers

  • 80% of businesses utilise CRM integration for improved customer insights

  • 75% of customers prefer businesses with a local phone number like 0161

  • 70% of customers use Google My Business to find local businesses, making it crucial to include 0161 numbers in listings

By leveraging these integrations, you can ensure that your 0161 number becomes a central part of your business operations, enhancing both efficiency and customer experience.


Marketing with Your 0161 Manchester Number

Your 0161 phone number is a powerful marketing tool. Here's how to make the most of it:

  • Feature your 0161 number prominently on your website and marketing materials

  • Use it in local advertising campaigns to emphasise your Manchester presence.

  • Include it in your Google My Business listing to improve local SEO.

  • Encourage customer reviews that mention the ease of reaching your local number.

Remember, consistency is key. Ensure your 0161 number is used across all platforms to reinforce your local brand identity.

A photo of The Printworks in Manchester

The 0161 dialling code covers Manchester and its metropolitan area, including towns like Salford, Stockport, and Bolton. It's one of the UK's most recognisable area codes, instantly associating callers with this vibrant northern hub.

Having an 0161 phone number can provide numerous advantages for businesses, whether you're based in Manchester or looking to establish a presence in the area.

Photo of the Roundhouse in Manchester

Conclusion: Embracing the 0161 Advantage

An 0161 area code telephone number is more than just a point of contact; it's a statement about your business's connection to Manchester and its thriving economy. By leveraging virtual landline technology, professional call handling services, and integrated communication solutions, you can make your 0161 number a powerful asset for your business.

Whether you're a local Manchester company or a business looking to establish a presence in the area, an 0161 number can help you connect with customers, enhance your professional image, and streamline your communications. Embrace the power of the 0161 dialling code and watch your business thrive in the heart of the North West.

For more information on how to optimise your business communications with an 0161 number, explore our range of virtual communication solutions and business telecommunications services.


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