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Your own Virtual Receptionist for a fraction of the cost


Our virtual receptionist provides full front of house representation for your business 7 days per week, the service includes all the benefits of our telephone answering service as well as, call transfers, email capture and a more customisable call experience.

Tinishe, Flamingo Digital virtual receptionist

Capture every opportunity 


See how we can benefit your business


Our telephone answering service ensures your calls are always covered, be it new leads, customer service or complaint handling. Our dedicated team will be trained on your account, ensuring they understand your business, its brand and how you'd like your calls to be taken.

Extend your opening hours

Take your business to the next level with our virtual receptionist service. We offer all new customers a free 7-day trial period, meaning you can see if our service is right for your business before committing.

Capture every detail

We capture all the important details from your callers, including name, phone number, email and reason for the call. This ensures that you don’t have to waste time chasing details and have everything to hand, ready to respond when you can give your customers your full attention.


Advantages of our Virtual Receptionist service

  • Fast free setup

  • Calls answered in your business name

  • Free online portal

  • Call transfers

  • Internal patch throughs

  • Capture caller's email addresses

  • Capture of account numbers, reference numbers, etc

  • Free virtual number if required

  • Flexible rolling contract

Man Smiling

A rock solid team ready to help

At the Office

A professional voice every time

Our team of expertly trained UK-based team answers every call just the way you'd like. Our virtual receptionist service provides 7 days of coverage as standard so you never need to worry about missing a call again, you and your business also benefit from extended opening hours free of charge.

Businessman on Phone

Switchboard services included

Our trial lets you experience our full paid service free for 7 days, We're sure both you and your callers will be impressed by our Customer Service Superheroes and the extra time you'll have in your diary once you've been freed from your phone. 

Pricing that adds up

Our range of bundles

Our virtual receptionist service will capture the details below, if you require any other details to be captured or have more bespoke requirements please review our outsourced call centre solutions.

  • Caller's name

  • Company name

  • Contact number

  • Email address or customer number

  • Brief reason for the call

  • Internal call patches

  • Transfer calls to landlines or mobiles  £0.20 per transfer



We offer three bundles for this service

£34.99 per month, 31 calls included then £1.30 per call

£59.99 per month, 54 calls included, then just £1.20 per call

£199.99 per month, 181 calls included, then just £1.05 per call.


£0.00 for email delivery of a message


£0.10 for text message  delivery

*All prices exclude VAT

Happy Man

How it works

Image by Super Straho

Divert your calls

We provide every new customer with a unique divert number free of charge, this enables you to use your existing phone number avoiding any disruption to your customers or marketing plans. You simply divert that number to us when you need us, this can be at all times, when busy, when engaged or out of hours.

Access your messages when you need them

We email you a copy of every message we take, you also give every customer access to our online portal, helping you to keep track of the calls. Simply enter your username and password on and you can view all the information we have collected, call logs, set availability, view historical records and more.

A solution that delivers

Our team will familiarise themselves with your business and deliver exceptional service, for a fraction of the cost of hiring new recruits. It’s a great way to be cost-efficient and ensure you can put your time and resources into other things.

Compare our services

Unsure which service is best for you?

Request a call back from a member of our onboarding team 

A UK-Based team

All of Flamingo Digital's virtual pa operators are based in the UK, we don't outsource abroad or to a 3rd party. We do this to make sure the high service standards that we set are achieved and exceeded. We understand how important both quality of work and reliability are to our customers, so we put this at the forefront of everything we do. We have a contract-free easy to understand charging structure that provides transparency and accountability after every assistant task has been completed. Our flexible range of tariffs provides just the right level of support for a diverse range of businesses, from start-ups to multi-site national operators. we have a suitable package starting from just £34.99 per month.

How will this solution help my business?

Cups of Coffee

Our virtual receptionists are there to ensure that no calls ever go unanswered, with our seven-day-a-week service. We take the stress and responsibility out of having to manage your phone calls on a daily basis, meaning you can put your attention elsewhere and be more productive. We understand that no two businesses are alike, that's why we tailor our call-handling response and train our customer service agents to your company's needs. Our virtual receptionists will take all details from the caller and ensure that they are instantly transferred to you. We can book appointments, transfer calls, pass on important messages, and even conduct over-the-phone questionnaires. Whatever your business requires, we will be happy to help.

How much will it cost?

Our service enables you and your business to benefit from professional front-of-house representation on demand, whenever you need it. Our team of expertly trained virtual PAs can answer your calls, manage diary entries, take messages, and provide cover when you're away or outside of your office hours. We will be the voice of your business and get to know your current and future customers. We offer a seven-day-per-week service, giving you the freedom to focus on other parts of your business. A virtual receptionist can also help your small business project a much more professional image to customers by operating as a switchboard before transferring a live call through to you. Traditionally hiring a full-time receptionist would be expensive and out of reach for most start-ups or SMEs, especially when they have to pay for maternity cover, sick pay and all the other costs associated with having an employee. However, with a virtual receptionist, small businesses can save money since they only have to pay for the services they use. Alas, traditional overhead costs are removed whilst providing longer hours of cover and support. 

Flexability and scalability

Give your business the freedom to scale up and down with business demand and seasonal changes, and avoid the commitment of long-term staffing liabilities such as sick pay, holiday pay, and training costs. It's the perfect solution for start-ups and businesses struggling to keep up with growth, for example, could you increase your staff headcount from 5 to 15 in as little as one hour? or ensure that service standards are met during periods of rapid growth? Flamingo Digital offers dynamic solutions to both national and international businesses that see the benefit of having teams of fully trained virtual PAs available on demand when needed. We also give all customers access to our web-based client portal, which enables you to check your call stats and messages no matter your location. You can even set availability for you and your team, so if for example, a key employee has an unexpected absence via the portal you can notify our team of what has happened and provide temporary alternate instructions. You can enjoy the benefits of all these additional services for just £9.99 per month without having to sign a long-term contract. It's a cost-effective way to increase service levels and your opening hours, giving you phone cover from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm seven days per week.

Increase Your Customer Acquisition

Never unnecessarily lose a client again. Let Flamingo Digital help you break through common barriers to client conversion with our virtual answering service. Through Flamingo’s live assistance, increased customer acquisition is well within your reach, and it’s easier than ever. We’ll save you time by connecting you with potential customers and screening out annoying cold calls, so you can focus on running your business.


Our answer service provides live, UK-based virtual receptionists, so your customers never have to deal with a confusing A.I. automated system again. While A.I. technology is impressive, it can be difficult to navigate and bothersome for potential clients. We’ve all been there before, not being able to reach a friendly voice on the other end of the line when you’re in need of support is beyond frustrating. When it comes to customer satisfaction, it is clear that nothing can replace human and personal connection. 

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