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Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions

What is an answering service?

Our answering service enables your business to divert your calls through to our Nottingham based office, we then answer your calls in your business name, as if a member of your team, we then forward your message to you via email or SMS message.

How much is an answering service?

Our range of tariffs start from just £0.39 per day, providing 12 hours of coverage seven days per week. Our outsourced call centre solution can also provide order taking, customer service and fully bespoke scripting. Quotes for these services are available on-demand without obligation.

Is an answering service worth it?

Well, we certainly think so! If you take the time to look at the potential savings on payroll, extended hours of coverage and the flexibility you gain from not having to monitor your phones in-house the benefits quickly start to add up. If you're still unsure, contact a member of our onboarding team today, they would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Who uses an answering service?

Our customer base is incredibly diverse, we provide support to a range of businesses, from sole traders to large multi-national organisations.

Are you based in the UK?

Yes, we have our own directly employed staff and operate from our own office in Nottingham.

Do you have an online portal?

Yes, if required we can activate free access to our online client portal. Once activated you will have access to your messages and the option to set availability for you and your team.

Do I have to divert all my calls?

No, we provide you with a divert number, it's then up to you when you forward your calls over to us. Some of the most popular options tend to be, forwarding all calls, forward calls when busy and forward calls outside of office hours.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

No, all our standard tariffs operate on a simple month to month rolling contract.

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