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Answering Service for Financial Advisors

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Services available

IFA Telephone Answering Service

Maintain professional front of house representation with our answering service designed for independent financial advisors. Avoid the stress of having to race to your mobile phone when it isn't convenient. Let our team take a message instead, then email you the details ready for you to respond when it's convenient.

Bespoke Solutions

For larger IFA businesses or independent broker networks, we have fully bespoke call handling solutions that we can build around the needs of your business, covering both its inbound and outbound call requirements.


What our customers say

A flexible solution that grows with your IFA business

Rolling contracts

At Flamingo Digital, we are passionate about providing solutions that can grow and adjust to your business needs. That's why we don't tie our clients into long term contracts or apply additional charges for changing tariffs.

Industry Skills

Our on-site team have decades of combined experience, we appreciate that professionalism is of the utmost importance to IFA businesses. For this reason, all our team members are trained directly by us and take part in our industry-leading training program, ensuring they are ready to represent your business.

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Image by Adeolu Eletu

Featured case study

Julian Wright mortgage broker

Julian has been Nottingham based mortgage broker for over 25 years with a loyal client base he has built up over this significant period. Julian was looking to semi-retire, enabling him to spend more time with his family. Our solution was to provide seven days of phone support giving him much more freedom across the week. We also put in place escalation procedures making sure critical calls would still be patched directly through to Julian.

3 reasons why you need an answering service

1. Stop missing new client enquiries

For an IFA, every call counts, make sure you don't miss vital new leads simply because you couldn't answer your phone.


2. Protect your brand

Benefit from a professional receptionist seven days per week and improve your brand image with both existing clients and new customers.

3. Avoid significant costs

Protect your cash flow with our range of value tariffs, potentially saving thousands of pounds when compared to recruiting an employee.

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How we help IFA businesses

For a long time, many IFA'S and mortgage brokers have operated primarily with their mobile phones, however, the difficulty with this often arises when trying to step away from work. Perhaps a family holiday, moving house or dealing with a sick relative, these kinds of situations are made all the more difficult when you're continually available to your clients.


Our answering services give you back the freedom to schedule your work around other commitments without leaving your customers speaking to a voice mail. We give you details for our online client portal, from there you can view your message, adjust your availability and monitor your team members.


We can also change how your calls are handled depending on your needs, for example, we can always take a message, transfer calls to you at certain times of the day, receive calls only when your line is busy or just provide evening and weekend cover. Ultimately we give you full control to operate your account in a way that best meets your lifestyle and its needs.

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