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Answering Services for Estate Agents and Property Companies

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Services available

Estate Agent Telephone Answering Service

Our telephone answering service provides an ideal solution for busy estate agents, ensuring you have the freedom to conduct viewings and other admin tasks knowing your calls will always be answered without the cost or commitment of full-time reception staff.

Bespoke Solutions

Our industry-leading CRM enables us to do as much or as little as your business requires. Aside from basic message taking services we can also book viewings, take details regarding offers, collect new customer leads and notify you when clients are running late.


What our customers say

A flexible solution for you and your estate agent

Rolling contracts

We don't tie clients into long term agreements, we offer simple rolling contracts that give you the freedom to use us on-demand when you're business requires it. We set you up your own dedicated number, just divert your calls when you need support.

Responsive Call Handling

Our trained agents ensure your calls are answered quickly and professionally, capturing a name, number and brief message. We can then forward this to you via email or sms.

Industry Skills

Flamingo Digital and its management team have direct hands-on property industry experience. We fully understand expectations from buyers, sellers and renters. 

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Featured case study

Martin Leasing Ltd

As a rapidly growing Midlands based property company, Martin Leasing was finding it increasingly difficult to manage, log and separate call flows from new enquiries and existing tenants.

Our team created a bespoke script designed to correctly categorise incoming calls and route them to the right person within the organisation, ensuring a smooth experience for customers every time.

Our solution increased operating hours and service coverage for Martin Leasing ltd whilst reducing costs, our bespoke script ensured calls were sent to the correct DPT 1st time, avoiding repeat calls and customer frustration, our industry-leading CRM logged call volumes, call spikes and more critical data to help with future business planning.  

3 reasons your property business needs an answering service

1. Stop missing leads

Leads are the life blood of every business and missing them can have a huge impact on your bottom line, our phone answering solutions give you peace of mind that leads will be profesionally captured.


2. Your brand matters

We work with you to understand your brand and how best to engage with your customers. All calls are answered in your company name as if we are a member of your on-site team.

3. Avoid large overheads

The cost savings can be significant when comparing our service to paroll for a full time rescptionist, it also avoids the worry of impact upon the business if a staff member were to be ill or need substantial time off at short notice.

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How Flamingo Digital can integrate with your property business

We are fully aware that it can feel like a risk trusting an external organisation with your calls. At Flamingo Digital we have multiple decades of experience within our management team aggregated across, customer service, call centre management and the property industry. Combining this experience into a call handling solution gives us the utmost confidence that we can both meet and exceed your expectations. We know that when people are planning to move home they can quickly become frustrated if things don't go to plan or delays cause them to put their plans on hold. 

We can provide coverage seven days per week giving you the opportunity to extend your opening hours beyond that of the usual 9:00- 5:00, this coverage also extends over the weekend, how often has a potential buyer-driven past one of your for sales signs on a Sunday only to receive a voicemail or dead line? Our team can be waiting for that call whilst you can focus on more important tasks or enjoy a day away from the office.

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Take away the stress of handling tenant calls

One of the most time-consuming parts of running a letting agent can be dealing with existing tenant queries, lost keys, boiler problems and rent arrears to name a few. By outsourcing these calls to us it takes away the commitment of having to be on standby ready for the next issue. 


We can even script pre-defined call routes for certain situations. Say for example a tenant calls who is locked out due to a lost key, if you have a contract with a locksmith or a regular maintenance team we can call the locksmith directly whilst keeping the tenant on hold. After confirming the details we can go back to the tenant straight away and let them know how long it will take for someone to assist them. Using this format we can resolve a wide range of caller issues without any input or disruption to your in-house staff.

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