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Profit From Partnership: The Perks of Reselling Flamingo Digital's Services

Financial Rewards: Multiply Your Earnings

As a reseller, you stand to gain substantial financial benefits. Flamingo Digital offers a two-fold commission system — upfront and residual. Earn an immediate, upfront commission on each sale, and continue to reap the benefits with a residual commission for the lifetime of the customer's contract. This dual system ensures a steady flow of income, providing both short-term gains and long-term stability.

Reputation Enhancement: Elevate Your Brand

Flamingo Digital's services are renowned for their high quality and professionalism. As a reseller, you can leverage these sterling services to enhance your brand's reputation. Offering top-tier services like ours can significantly boost your credibility in the marketplace, helping you stand out from the crowd and attract more clients.

Robust Support: Never Stand Alone

Partnering with Flamingo Digital is not just about reselling; it's about forging a collaborative relationship. As our reseller, you gain access to a plethora of resources, from training and marketing materials to dedicated support from our team. We're committed to ensuring your success, providing you with all the necessary tools and support.


Earn up to £499 for each client referral 

If you have colleagues, contacts or other potential leads that may require our answering service, we'd love to hear from you! We operate the UK's best value phone answering services (award-winning may we add) and offer generous commissions for additional client referrals.

We operate a sliding scale of commission depending upon the size of the account referred to us.

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Looking to earn residual commission?

If you're looking to dedicate more substantial responses to referring our products, our white label service may be the best option. It enables you to fully re-brand our telephone answering service and sell it as your own. We give you the freedom to set your own pricing and brand identity, one that best fits your target market.  To find out more about our white label offering please click here.

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Customer Satisfaction: Deliver Excellence

Our top-notch services are designed to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. By offering our services, you can provide your clients with an excellent customer service experience. Whether it's our 24/7 call handling or bespoke customer service solutions, your clients are assured superior service, boosting their satisfaction and loyalty.

Growth Opportunities: Expand Your Horizons

The demand for high-quality, professional business services is ever-growing. By offering Flamingo Digital's services, you can tap into this demand, expanding your business offerings and attracting a wider customer base. Whether your clients are SMEs or large corporates, our services cater to all, providing you with extensive opportunities for business growth.

Becoming a Flamingo Digital reseller is more than just a business opportunity; it's a partnership that promises growth, reputation enhancement, and financial rewards. With our top-tier services, comprehensive support, and lucrative commission system, you can build a thriving business while ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to grow with us and experience the Flamingo Digital difference.

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