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Outsourced Call Handling Services built around your Business.

Meet the demands of modern customers with a partner you can trust, rapidly deploy a fully bespoke CX solution with a single point of contact and the power to access a UK-based team of call handling experts when you need them.


Ella, Flamingo Digital virtual receptionist

What our customers say

Your own team of experts without the overheads

We understand that for any business it can feel like a leap of faith to trust an external organisation with your most valuable asset, your customers.


On this basis, we have implemented a full onboarding process with a dedicated single point of contact who will work with you to design a bespoke call-handling solution that understands your customer needs, your brand values and internal performance metrics.

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Delivering a best-in-class CX

At Flamingo Digital customer service underpins everything we do, our onboarding team will work with you to create the outsourced contact centre experience your customers deserve. We provide bespoke, scalable solutions that grow with your business and adapt to seasonal variations or business needs.


We can provide comprehensive reporting and call statistics often far more detailed than available in-house data. To find out more about us and our company ethos, please click here.

Instant delivery of your messages and 24/7 access to our client portal.

professional voice for your business, leave the customer service to us.

Full reporting of call flows, outcome resolution and  data tracking.

Resilient technology with expertise on-demand to maintain continuity.

Outsource with confidence

Drive efficiency with a reliable partner


Our data centre was built with continuity in mind, with multiple bonded fibre broadband connections, automatic 5G rollover, ready-to-deploy emergency home worker kits and active system status monitoring. You can be sure Flamingo Digital are a reliable partner. This is why multiple national and international brands trust us to look after their customers.

Create a bespoke solution

Decades of experience

Suitable for small & large businesses

Dedicated onboarding team

Fully bespoke solution

Number of Employees

Full control, just how it should be

Our ​outsourced contact centre puts you in control, giving you the on-demand ability to reduce customer wait times and instantly grow your team without having to invest in recruitment, resources or training.


Enjoy the benefits of best-in-class technology and receive extended coverage hours seven days per week, even when your office is closed.

Combine the best people and the best technology

Our management team has decades of customer service and call center operations experience. Combine this with our investments in technology such as market-leading CRMS, bespoke scripting software, soft phones  cloud-hosted call routing, and remote working VPN networks.


Flamingo Digital can ensure that you and your customers are in safe hands.

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Majors Accountancy client success story

As a rapidly expanding accountancy practice, Majors wanted to ensure that the service standards their clients were used to could be maintained during business growth and spikes of seasonal demand. After approaching Flamingo Digital and working with our onboarding team a plan of action was put in place to utalise our outsourced customer service solution. 


Within 24 hours a custom script was created enabling Flamingo Digital to capture overflow calls, provide extended opening hours and offer message logs and call tracking through our client portal. 

"Total professionalism from the start. Our clients have commented to us on how professional our telephone gentleman is and that communication is working well. Not are we now not missing any calls but those answered by Flamingo are done better than us"


Stewart Macgregor FCCA, Director at Majors LTD

Help desk support delivered

Let us quickly and efficiently resolve your customer queries with our help desk support solution. Our professional script writers will work with you to create a process aligned with your business needs, providing immediate triage to your customer queries and raising support tickets or transferring escalations.


By working with Flamingo Digital, you can rapidly deploy a fluid and dynamic help desk solution with seven-day-per-week coverage.

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Trusted across multiple sectors

Our broad client base is a testament to the range of skills we have waiting to support your business. A small selection of the projects we've worked on include TV response campaigns, estate agent CX management, legal support lines and help desk solutions for the EV industry.

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Working to become part of your team

We work to integrate with your business in the most fluid way possible, our state of the art systems enable us to create a call process unique to your customers needs. We can also remotely access any cloud based software platforms and provide duel integration between our platform and yours.

Make your CX sparkle

We don't believe in churning numbers, we aim to delight your customers at every interaction. Our training academy fosters this culture from the moment a new team member joins us at Flamingo Digital.

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Still unsure which service is best for you?

Request a call back from a member of our onboarding team 

UK Call Handling

At Flamingo we don't offshore any of our calls, we take them all directly at our Nottingham based office. We do this to make your customer experience better and because we know how important your customers are to your business. Did you know that new customer acquisition is 5x more expensive than maintaining an existing customer relationship? We put this critical business metric at the heart of everything we do because your customers mean as much to us as they do to you.

Our call handling service gives you the flexibility to rapidly adjust to market changes and customer demand, for example, one of our clients operating within the pet food industry used to divert an average of 20 calls per day to Flamingo Digital, during the pandemic a huge upsurge in demand caused calls to spike to an average of 317 per day, a number far beyond the operational abilities of on-site staff, Flamingo Digital were able to absorb the additional volume with ease and bring peace of mind to our client that call demand was being comfortably met.

On the Phone
Why Outsourcing call centres makes sense

If you feel like it’s impossible to answer every single client call, don’t worry. Running a business is busy - we get it, and that’s where we come in. Flamingo Digital's call centre services will ensure that every single one of your potential clients is answered in a prompt, polite, and informative manner so that you don’t miss out on any valuable leads. We’ll increase your customer satisfaction, even while you’re out of the office! There are some calls that you might want to miss, such as unwanted cold calls from pushy salespeople. Just when you get excited about the phone ringing with a curious customer, it turns out to be nothing more than a cold call you aren’t interested in. Even worse, it could be an automated call just there to waste your valuable time. If you just can’t seem to shake certain companies that just keep calling you, let us do the hard work to filter them out.

Touch Screen
Full control of your inbound call handling

When you decide to use Flamingo Digital, you don't have to make a binary choice about taking your calls in-house or outsourcing them. We have built our service around flexibility and adaptability. Giving you the freedom to divert calls to us when needed, be this at certain times of the day, if your line is busy, emergency overflow or if your reception staff are off. This approach also has the added benefit of cost efficiency, all our tariffs only charge you when a member of our team is actively working on your account, not for "wait time". Many of our clients enjoy a cost-saving compared to in-house staff and benefit from broader coverage thanks to our 7:00 am - 7:00 pm seven days per week operating hours.

How an outsourced call centre works

An outsourced call centre like ours acts as a virtual receptionist for your callers, we take and relay messages on behalf of different companies offering many different services based on what a company needs, whether that be capturing customer data, taking and amending bookings, transferring a call to the right person, or simply taking a message. At Flamingo Digital we provide you with your own business phone number in any format you require. Whether that be geographical or non-geographical, we can provide a number tailored to your individual business needs.

At Flamingo Digital we consistently monitor our team members to ensure service standards are met. We aim to answer calls within 3 rings, always introducing ourselves using the client requested greeting, following the correct script processes for the company we are answering on behalf of, and confirming that all details that are needed are correct. 

Inbound Call handling services build around your business

Flamingo Digital provides the perfect call centre services for your business needs. With a bespoke service built to your requirements and rapid deployment, you can smooth out seasonal demands and call spikes while reducing costs and maintaining service levels. With our bespoke scripting software, we can populate our agent screens with your company data as soon as a call is received seconds before it's answered. We can then guide our highly trained agents through your account with on-screen step-by-step prompts. Managing the call process this way enables us to meet your service standards, brand guidelines and service SLAs. Our platform is designed to be scalable and adaptable enabling us to perform a huge range of tasks such as customer service, complaint handling, order taking, booking lines and emergency call-outs. This level of customisation gives our agents the freedom to have free-flowing natural sounding calls with your customers. The service is so seamless your callers will believe they have spoken directly with your organisation throughout the entire process. We capture all the required details so that your in-house team can pick up the workflow where we leave off or we can complete entire tasks from beginning to end. Our teams operate from our purpose-built call centre in Nottingham featuring the latest in cloud-hosted technology, noise-cancelling headsets and 5g backup. We have home working kits ready for deployment as part of our disaster recovery plan and have won awards for our service level standards.

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