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Restaurant Answering Service

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Services available

Restaurant answering service

Our restaurant answering service gives your on-site staff the freedom to focus on serving customers, rather than racing to answer a call. Let us take care of bookings, customer requests and promotional offers protecting your on-site staff from distractions.

Tailored Solutions

If you have more bespoke needs, we can custom build a script for your business and integrate it with a variety of booking systems. Making us a seamless addition to your restaurant's administration needs.


What our customers say

Fully flexible restaurant solutions

Rolling contracts

We appreciate how restaurants can be drastically affected by seasonality and public holidays, causing booking spikes and quiet periods throughout the year. At Flamingo Digital we provide flexible rolling contracts that can be adjusted based upon your restaurant's needs, without charging you penalties or termination fees for changing tariffs month to month.

Industry Skills

We have sector expertise handling calls for a range of restaurant chains across the UK. Our cloud-based client portal gives you access to your messages, team members, and call stats remotely.

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Featured case study

London based restaurant chain

A London based restaurant chain approached us in 2020, outlining the difficulties they were having at consistently managing phone bookings. 


Across the chain, the process in place was for wait staff to take calls between serving customers, in practice, this wasn't working. Calls were regularly missed, causing frustration to customers trying to amend bookings and causing the restaurant to miss out on new booking requests. After discussion with the restaurant group, we moved forwards creating a dedicated booking line giving on-site staff the freedom to focus on their roles.

3 reasons your restaurant needs an answering service

1. Stop missing new bookings

In a busy restaurant, it's easy to miss a phone call, when that call was for a group booking revenue losses can quickly add up.


2. Dedicated booking line

Give your restaurant a dedicated booking line, we can even integrate with multiple branches centralising booking operation in one location.

3. Avoid large overheads

When compared to dedicated receptionists our solution provides considerable savings and better coverage.

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How our restaurant answering services can help your business

We appreciate that running a successful restaurant can be one of the most challenging business models to get right. Dealing with staff, leases, suppliers, VAT returns, marketing, the list goes on. Many of the restaurant operators we have spoken with become frustrated that answering the phone becomes so problematic, it's an issue that often crops up unexpectedly as it isn't something you'd typically think to address in a business plan. "whoever's free can just answer the phone" is often the predicted solution.


In practice in a busy restaurant environment, it becomes easy to miss a ringing phone, the cost implications of paying a dedicated member of staff to act as a receptionist don't make financial sense and it doesn't resolve the issue of multiple calls coming in at the same time.


Our wide range of call handling services, designed specifically for restaurants and leisure operators, provides a cost-effective solution, giving your restaurant a dedicated booking line seven days per week.

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