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Advertising and direct response call handling

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Services available

Advertising and Media Response Telephone Answering Service

When your business invests in advertising, you need to ensure you are ready to handle the response otherwise precious new leads are lost. Our teams are ready to handle your business calls seven days per week with the capacity to handle call spikes and unpredictable call flows.

Bespoke Solutions

Every business is different, our systems and processes give us the freedom to create call scripts and solutions for the unique needs of your business.


What our customers say

A flexible solution for media and advertising campaigns

Designed for advertising campaigns

We understand that when running ad-campaigns call spikes can surge and rapidly drop off as ads are broadcast. We have in place the teams and technology to represent your business to new customers, build rapport, capture leads or take product orders.

Track the data that counts

We can provide multiple phone numbers for your account enabling you to track the response rate of your different ad campaigns. For example, we can activate different lines for your tv campaigns, newspaper ads and mailshots, empowering you to see the campaigns that deliver the best ROI on your ad budgets.

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Featured case study

International consumer product

An international brand had been experiencing problems with missed calls during aggressive marketing campaigns. The company had a strong team in place, however, the large call spikes generated from multiple televisions ads running daily was becoming problematic, putting at risk new business leads. 


Our solution was to act as an overflow service during these call spikes, alleviating pressure on the businesses and providing a more cost-effective solution than taking on additional staff.

Three ways Flamingo Digital can help with your ad campaigns

1. Flexability as standard

We work with you to create the right solution for your business, we can rapidly deploy order taking lines, lead capture, and brochure distribution.


2. Rapid additional support

If you're caught off guard with an ad campaign generating a much stronger response than expected, let us act as an overflow service to alleviate the pressure.

3. Avoid significant cost increases

Our range of services is likely to be far more cost-efficient than taking on additional employees directly, particularly when call spikes are only temporary.

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Media and advertising response support

With increasing advertising costs and ever-growing competition ensuring you're equipped to handle the response from your ad campaigns is critical. At Flamingo Digital all of our staff are UK based and employed directly by us, operating from our Nottingham based office. 


When working with a business to help capture leads from various ad campaigns we take the time required to understand your business, brand and products. We can rapidly deploy a wide range of solutions providing support seven days per week. 

We can help to streamline your response solution, track data points for performance optimisation and provide broader operating hours.

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