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Flamingo Digital Interview

Candidate application

Welcome to Flamingo Digital, so that we can better understand if you'd be the right fit for the team please answer the questions below.

Lets go!

Paul Jackson went to the market to buy some cat food and some apples, he went to the market on the bus wearing his yellow coat. On his way to the market he remembered he also needed to buy some parrot food for his bird Popeye. Paul could sometimes be forgetful, especially when the weather was bad, today the weather is very bad and it's a Monday so this makes Paul extra forgetful. En-route to his destination he decided to stop for an over priced over sized Coffe at Starbucks, he paid via Apple Pay for his drink and went to the bathroom while the barista prepared his drink. He was craving a little sugar so decided to add a slice of millionaires shortbread to his order, it contained 389 calories and 50 grams of sugar, but Paul had been very strong willed with his diet recently he ate it all like their was no tomorrow. He put his coat back on a continued on his way to the the gym to get started on his work out.

List three bullet points that you think are important to note from the above story, and list one bullet point that notes a flaw in this story or something that isn't quite right.

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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