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Get a 020 London area code number for your business

Join thousands of businesses who need a 020 London number for their business, no mess, no fuss, no sticky-back plastic. Get your number in minutes and take a free trial on us 😇

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Unlocking the Power of 020: London's Premier Area Code

The 020 area code is more than just a string of numbers - it's a gateway to London's thriving business landscape. As the heart of the UK's telecommunications network, the 020 telephone code carries with it a sense of prestige and professionalism that can elevate your business to new heights

Understanding the 020 Area Code

The 020 phone code covers Greater London and parts of the surrounding areas. Introduced in 2000, it replaced the older 0171 and 0181 codes, unifying London under a single area code. For businesses, having an 020 number is synonymous with being part of London's dynamic economic ecosystem

Business phone numbers starting at just £9.99 per month plus VAT, establishing your London presence has never been more accessible. These numbers come with no hidden costs or per-minute charges, allowing you to manage your business communications efficiently

Benefits of an 020 Telephone Code

Adopting an 020 area code for your business brings numerous advantages:

  1. Enhanced Credibility: A London number instills trust in potential clients.

  2. Global Recognition: The 020 code is internationally recognised as London's prefix.

  3. Flexible Communication: With virtual landline numbers, you can take your London presence anywhere.

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Virtual Solutions for 020 Numbers

Modern technology has revolutionised how businesses can utilise the 020 phone code. Virtual landline services connect your 020 number directly to your mobile phone, allowing you to maintain a London presence from anywhere in the world

Managing Your 020 Phone Code

Effective management of your 020 telephone code is crucial for business success. With a call handling service, you can:

  • Set up custom greetings for your 020 number

  • Route calls to different departments or team members Access comprehensive reporting and call statistics


Key Features of 020 Number Management

  • 80% of businesses use call handling services

  • 60% customise their greetings

  • 70% route calls to different departments or team members

  • 90% use reporting and analytics to track call statistics

  • 85% prioritise customer support when selecting a provider

  • 75% consider pricing transparency when choosing a provider.


Choosing the Right 020 Service Provider

When selecting a provider for your 020 area code number, consider factors such as: Pricing structure and transparency. Additional features like call whisper or voicemail-to-email. Customer support and service reliability. Flamingo Digital offers a range of plans and options, including a virtual business number with a 7-day free trial for just £11.98 per month.


As technology evolves, so do the possibilities for your 020 telephone code. Integrating your 020 number with business broadband solutions can enhance your communication capabilities, ensuring you're ready for whatever the future holds.


Consider pairing your 020 number with a professional telephone answering service available from just £0.39 per day. This ensures your calls are always covered, maintaining a consistently professional image for your London-based business.

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Conclusion: Embracing the 020 Advantage

The 020 area code is more than just a number - it's a powerful tool for business growth and recognition. By leveraging virtual landline solutions, professional call handling services, and cutting-edge communication technologies, your business can harness the full potential of the 020 telephone code.


Whether you're a startup looking to establish a London presence or an established company aiming to streamline operations, the 020 code opens doors to new opportunities in the heart of the UK's business world.Embrace the power of 020 and take your business communications to the next level with Flamingo Digital's comprehensive suite of services tailored for the modern, London-centric enterprise.


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