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Everything You Need to Know About Brand Loyalty

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Brand loyalty is the backbone of business success. It's when customers choose you repeatedly over others. It's the trust they have in your brand. And in today's market, it's gold. Apple understood this well, achieving an impressive 92% brand loyalty in 2021. When they buy, it's not just a purchase, it's an endorsement.

In this article, we'll explore the knots and bolts of brand loyalty. We'll see why it's a linchpin in your marketing approach. From creating customer experiences to building lasting relationships – it's all here. Get ready to dive deep into the world where customers stay true.

What is Brand Loyalty?

What's brand loyalty, you ask? It's simple: It means your customers stick around. They keep coming back, choosing you amidst a sea of options. It's more than habit; it's that warm, fuzzy attachment they feel to your brand.

Picture this: they walk past competitors and beeline to your door – that's brand loyalty in action. It hinges on how they see your brand, your beliefs, and what you stand for.

Successful loyalty for brands isn't just luck. It's crafted through clever brand loyalty programmes and smart marketing. You've got to measure love to keep it alive – that's where measuring brand loyalty enters the picture.

What Are the Types of Brand Loyalty?

Gifts, points, VIP access – brands pull out all the stops. They deploy diverse tactics to ignite and fuel loyalty. But loyalty isn't one-size-fits-all. Up next, we'll dissect the varying layers of brand allegiance.

Hard-Core Brand Loyalty

The pinnacle of brand devotion? That's hard-core loyalty. These fans are all-in, shouting your name from the rooftops. Think Apple fans queuing overnight for the latest iPhone. They had a top-notch experience, and they're not shy to share it. They're your vocal advocates, influencers without the title. It's smart to harness this energy. How? Launch a rewards scheme. Thank them for being walking billboards. Their word-of-mouth can send your brand stratospheric. Remember, a company with a tribe of loyal followers is a company set for long-term victory.

Split-Customer Brand Loyalty

Split-customers have favourites, but not just one. They spread their loyalty across a handful. In the UK skies, for instance, it's a toss-up between British Airways, EasyJet, and Ryanair. Factors like cost, schedule, and seats available play their part. These customers have found value in each and alternate as needed.

Yet, with a little push—better deals, tailored experiences—they might just turn exclusive. Winning their full allegiance is tough, but not impossible. It's a dance of persistence and understanding their needs, inching them closer to hard-core loyalty. Convincing them to commit to one is the marketing challenge of the day.

Shifting-Customer Brand Loyalty

Shifting loyal customers can't sit still. They swing from one brand to another. Imagine going all-in on Samsung gadgets, but then one gleaming iPhone changes everything. Now, they're Apple advocates, through and through.

What sparks the switch? It could be the allure of a sleek design, superior functionality, or the pull of a stellar reputation. These jumpers are moved by experience and swayed by the latest and greatest. Brands need to stay on their toes, innovate, and impress to keep these changelings in their camp. After all, today's loyalty can be tomorrow's history without the right appeal.

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What is the Difference Between Brand Loyalty and Customer Loyalty?


Brand Loyalty

Customer Loyalty


Tendency to stick to a specific brand choice

Faithfulness and commitment to a company or brand

Pricing Impact

No significant effect

Major effect, influenced by low prices and promos


Customers' perception of the brand

Products or services that fit needs and budgets


Offer high-quality products and services

Offer low prices, discounts, and promotions

Customer Retention



Purchasing Behaviour

Buys fewer goods with a high profit margin

Buys more goods at lower prices, lower profit margin

How to Create Brand Loyalty?

Cultivating brand loyalty is a journey, not a sprint. It blooms with time and the right care. Most buyers hit the loyalty mark after several purchases. Yet, every step they take towards your brand can foster deeper allegiance. Let's explore the strides you can make in nurturing loyalty day by day.

Maintain Consistency

To kindle brand loyalty, consistency is your torch. Forge a voice that's distinctly yours, present at every meeting point, be it in ads, emails, or support chats. When your message is unmistakably yours across all platforms, customers grasp your brand's soul. That understanding fuels their advocacy, turning them into champions for your cause.

Evaluate the Customer Journey

Dive into the customer journey with eyes wide open. A staggering 63% crave better listening from brands. That's your cue. Address snags as they pop up, and you'll be golden. An always-on, real-time check on experiences shows customers you're tuned in. It means acting fast, smoothing their path, and earning their trust. So, track their steps closely.

Their feedback? That's your roadmap to iron out any wrinkles and elevate their journey. It's how you polish the journey, making every step shimmer with care and attention.

Improve Customer Experience

Ace your customer service and watch brand loyalty soar. It's about swiftly hearing, escalating, and resolving any hiccups. Speed and professionalism are non-negotiable. With 60% ready to buy more from brands that treat them right, the bar's set high.

Service agents must deliver beyond expectations because, in today’s market, loyalty hangs by a thread. Nail the customer experience, and they'll stick like glue. It's time to shine every single time.

Reward Loyalty

Don't let your loyal customers feel forgotten. A staggering 68% walk away when they sense indifference. Here's the fix: create a loyalty programme that actually matters. Show appreciation, lavish them with perks, and they'll stay. Ensure your most faithful aren't overshadowed by the chase for new customers. Make loyalty the star, and let rewards be your thanks for their unwavering support. It strengthens the bond—the customer brand relationship.

customer brand relationship

How is Brand Loyalty Lost?

Creating brand loyalty is a delicate dance, but keeping it? That's an art. Losing it happens, often silently, and it can leave brands scrambling. Watch out for these three loyalty-eroders that can turn steadfast customers into wandering souls.

Not Adapting to Trends

Don't let your brand gather dust. Staying on the move with trends is vital. Take sustainability—it's a massive deal now. Falling behind in such areas can cost you dearly in customer allegiance. Brands that don't evolve risk watching loyal patrons walk away. It's about staying nimble, fresh, and aligned with what matters to consumers today. Keep innovating, or risk fading into obscurity. Stay relevant, stay loved. It's that simple. Remember how Nokia once disappeared for this very reason? Their return was marked by adopting the latest trends.

Not Listening to Customer Feedback

Ignore your customers, and loyalty crumbles. They’re chatting about you online, in cafes, everywhere. Miss these conversations, and you miss the pulse of your patrons. Feeling unheard is a loyalty killer.

So, listen up, always. Turn feedback into your roadmap. Make it ongoing, not an afterthought. Respond, refine, and repeat. Show them they're heard, and they'll stick by you. Neglect this at your peril, as silence can end the customer-brand romance.

Losing Trust and Reputation

Trust and reputation are the pillars of brand loyalty. Veer off-course, and customers will jump ship. Align your values with theirs, always. Bad news may hit, but your response is crucial. Both customer service and marketing must work hand in hand to bolster and salvage your good name. It's this unity that shields trust and preserves your customer relationships. Because once trust is gone, loyalty follows. Safeguard it like the treasure it is.

Final Thoughts

Brand loyalty is earned and maintained through consistent customer satisfaction, trust, and engagement. It's backed by listening, adapting, and rewarding. Crucially, it's about nurturing a bond that withstands trends and time.

Flamingo Digital is poised to champion your journey towards brand loyalty. With our tailored VOIP, call handling, and merchant services, we make it easier for you to connect and respond to your customers. It weaves a stronger brand-customer relationship. We help you measure what matters, ensuring your brand loyalty marketing hits the mark. In short, Flamingo Digital could be the linchpin in reinforcing your brand’s customer loyalty.

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