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Answering services for I.T and software support businesses

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Services available

Telephone Answering Service

Running a SAS business or I.T company can sometimes feel like a balancing act between customer expectations and business reality. Consumers often expect some level of phone support even from online-only businesses. Our answering service provides a cost-effective solution enabling you to provide your customers with live phone support seven days per week. We can log the caller's concern and provide an estimated response time, using this format gives callers peace of mind that their issue is being dealt with and often prevents them from submitting multiple tickets or raising repeated queries via live chat services, it also gives your business the opportunity to respond when convenient once the issue has been investigated.

What our customers say

Bespoke solutions for your software or I.T business

Rolling contracts

We understand business needs can change, that's why we offer fully flexible one-month rolling contracts across our range of tariffs. Depending on your business needs our tariffs start from just £9.99 per month for a basic message taking service or £0.01 per second for more advanced call handling requirements.

Industry Skills

Our team of in-house employees have a huge range of experience within the I.T and software sector, our previous and present client roster is testament to this. Before any account goes live, our team conduct a strategic review planning how best we can integrate your business needs with our services.

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Featured case study

A and J Trading

Nottingham based business A and J trading provide plugins and software services for eBay sellers across the UK. Helping online vendors to achieve the best price for their products via its automated pricing software. Due to the nature of the business and large client base, a phone answering solution was required. Working hand in hand with the team at A and J trading we quickly evaluated the needs of the business and decided a bespoke scripting solution would be required. Services went live within 24 hours of the initial query being made, providing seven days of coverage and giving callers peace of mind their query had been logged. 

Why your I.T business needs an answering service

Our call-handling packages start from just £9.99 per month, giving your business front of house representation seven days per week for just £0.39 per day. We will provide you with log-in details for our client portal enabling you to view messages, call stats and set availability for you and your team members.


You can use an existing phone number and simply divert calls to us, or we can provide you with a new number geographically associated to your area of business, if you operate nationally we can provide a wide range of non-geographical solutions.

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Outsourced solutions for software businesses

As an online business operating around the clock, it can be difficult to always meet the expectations of your customers. At Flamingo Digital we can rapidly deploy a wide range of services enabling you to provide front line support to your customer base without the burden of additional payroll costs or staff training. We provide tailored solutions designed from the ground up to meet your needs both financially and logistically.


Our virtual receptionists are ready to take your calls, our industry-leading training program prepares our pa's for a range of diverse call types and support levels, build this on a solid foundation of technology and you have robust call handing solutions ready to be rapidly deployed.

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