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The changing nature of business advertising Flamingo Digital blog

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Expanding the reach of your business is essential for growth; however, this is not necessarily the easiest task to embark upon. Whereas in the ‘good old days’, businesses relied on word-of-mouth in order to gain a name and reputation in local communities, increasingly now communications are concentrated more prevalently in online spaces. Furthermore, the prices of radio, television or billboard advertising mean they are often not an option for most businesses, especially start-ups that don’t already boast a national audience. Nowadays, it seems like the same brands and adverts are recycled again and again on television and there is little space for new businesses to emerge with the high costs of advertising. However, the dawn of the digital sphere has provided many new and exciting ways for businesses to advertise and reach a wider and more diverse audience than can be found through traditional word-of-mouth techniques, all for only a fraction of the cost of television, radio or billboard advertising.

The world of social media can be daunting. The pressure of generating interesting content and producing frequent updates to keep momentum with the fast paced nature of online spaces can seem endless and take a toll on businesses who want to focus on more important tasks. However, an online presence can prove a crucial tool to help you market your business to wider audiences than ever before. At Flamingo Digital, we can relieve you of the burden of navigating and managing social media platforms which are ever-evolving and seemingly hard to keep in touch with. Our expertise in social media marketing means we can utilise multiple sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, not only posting regular updates but maintaining a strong online presence through ‘stories’ and promoted posts.

Online platforms present new and exciting ways to communicate and connect with others. With a click of a button, people can access important information about your business, including what you do and how to contact you. Therefore, the management of your online profiles is essential for business growth. The nature of social media is that it is ever-evolving, therefore we can provide a service that generates frequent and up-to-date content, customised to your business and designed to capture the attention of potential customers. We take the time to listen to you and your business needs, gaining a full understanding of your values and aims, in order to produce custom and engaging content for your business. Maintaining a social profile is now the norm for businesses to advertise themselves and can lead to rapid growth as content is liked, shared and promoted amongst vast audiences.

Let Flamingo take up the task of social media maintenance, allowing you to focus wholly on your business and the more pressing day-to-day issues you encounter. We endeavour to create a social campaign tailored to you that will put your business on the map and boost your online presence.

The changing nature of business advertising is no longer a daunting prospect with Flamingo Digital. Our tailored social media marketing campaigns will prove a hit - creating and maintaining your business presence, escalating your reach and ultimately, stimulating growth for your business.


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