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New team member Calin tells us about her experience so far

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I'm Cailin, I recently joined the team at Flamingo Digital as a virtual receptionist and have been given the opportunity to write a blog about my experiences so far.

Studying international relations and politics with aspirations to pursue a career in the political world, I was looking for a role that would be able to fit my university schedule and expand my skill set.

When I started at Flamingo, I was a little apprehensive as I had no receptionist experience, however, I was immediately reassured and received in-depth training to get me up to speed with the wide range of accounts and clients that Flamingo Digital works alongside.

I work the early morning shift which is great for me as it fits in with my university timetable so it enables me to balance my work life and university life effectively. Since working for Flamingo Digital my conversational skills have improved drastically which is beneficial both socially and in the workplace.

Flamingo Digital has given me my first opportunity to work within an office environment and it has given me an insight into the professionalism of a large cooperation. It has shown me how vital precise communication is when working within the business and dealing with the wide range of clients Flamingo assists, including law firms, sole traders, luxury hospitality and many more. I'm excited to continue to build my skills within the business.

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