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Telephone Answering Service for Construction

Your call are always answered so you never have to worry about missing new opportunities while on the job


Call Center Employee

Answering Service
Never miss new business enquiries again with our telephone answering service.

Virtual Assistant
Our highly skilled PAs will provide to represent your company professionally.

Diary Management
Whether its new clients or existing ones, we can book your appointments so you can stay focused on the job.


Industry Expertise
A trained PA with knowledge and experience of dealing with customers in the construction industry.

Flexible Services
Our bespoke service can fit around your requirements and the seasonal of the industry.

Personal Touch
We do not leave your customers and contractors with a voicemail or robot. A friendly and trained professional to assist them.

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TM Contractors

Contractors spend much of their day up a ladder or down in a pipe, leaving little to no time to answer phone calls. This leaves them vulnerable to losing new business opportunities to competitors.

TM Contractors needed some support and approached us in 2020 about our telephone answering service. We discussed their requirements and agreed to a 7-day free trial. After which they understood the value of having a professional service that ensure new business opportunities were not being missed.

As TM Contractors have grown their business, they can allocate more time on providing the best service for their customers, while our telephone agents look after their calls. 


It is time to grow your construction business.

We are ready to help you find the right service for your business.

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